Image of two leaders sitting down.

Racial equity is achieved when race/ethnicity no longer predicts access, opportunities, how one fares, or who thrives. That is our north star. To achieve this as a city, we must start, at a minimum, by taking the following foundational steps:

Ground ourselves in our city and country’s history in order to fully understand the root causes of why things are the way they are today

Build on the efforts underway from all 8 sectors we plan to organize to help achieve our vision

Eliminate systemic barriers that have produced historical and current racial inequities

Target solutions, the distribution of resources, and access to opportunities to residents that have been affected by systemic and institutional discrimination and oppression

Create new systems, policies, and practices that institutionalize equity and support sustainable, transformational change

Center and include the voices and perspectives of communities of color in both identifying the barriers and devising the solutions and,

Call on all sectors and residents to understand and to contribute to achieving racial/ethnic equity.